Dream Across This Mortal Coil


This is my second novel.  I have finished my second draft and will soon send this out for beta readers. Still working the query/synopsis below, but here is a start.   I have updated it, so take a look:


Fifteen-year-old Lucinda is always awake in dreams.  Once a sanctuary, her dream world makes a dramatic shift and twists out of control, blurring the line between sleeping and waking—maybe even sanity.

It’s hard enough being a high school sophomore without being the girl who nods off during Spanish and wakes up screaming on the classroom floor. Lucinda fights for normalcy, but her dream reality has other ideas as unwelcome guests bleed over from the other side, wrecking her social life.  Her only comfort is seeing glimpses of her mother’s soul.

David, a boy from her dreams, introduces Lucinda to others, who claim they will teach her to control these nightmares.  They remain wary.  Her homegrown abilities and her lack of training makes Lucinda the equivalent of a toddler playing with a loaded gun, and anyone in either of her realities could get hurt.

She’s torn between balancing the intricate life of a high school student with the complex realm of her dreams.  When her powers make a quantum leap, warring factions in her dream world compete for her allegiance.  She is a weapon, but for which side?

DREAM ACROSS THIS MORTAL COIL is a YA contemporary fantasy novel with a metaphysical bite, complete at 80,000 words.  I’d compare my potential audience to readers of “The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer”, “The Iron King” with a slice of “WICKED”.  I’ve been an active member of the Lesser North Texas Writers for over three years.  This is my second novel.  I’ve written several short stories.  Three are currently published: “Medium Medium” at Dark Media Online and “Lotto Man” at the Nautilus Engine.  “Chicago ‘71” is an annual finalist selected for publication in The Texas Writers Journal, appearing in the July 2014 quarterly issue.